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We specialize in improving efficiency and reliability in power systems onboard dynamically positioned vessels. Industries we serve include: Offshore, Cruise, Government, and more.

Our testing systems and our team’s experience in offshore construction and operations, provide our clients with test programs which are robust, reliable and repeatable.


OneStep Power offers comprehensive system and engineering packages to comply with class and industry best practices.


Our solutions are peer reviewed with a view to completeness, efficiency and compliance.


Our test systems provide repeatable and consistent results every time. 

Voltage Dip Ride Through

Generator Voltage Response Tester

Zero Dip Ride Through Testing

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For more information on Voltage Dip Ride Through download our flyer here.

Download a testing case study of a DP2 offshore support vessel fault ride through program.

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The Generator Voltage Response Tester, or GVRT is a unique testing technology developed by OneStep Power to enable safe closed bus operation on DP2 and DP3 dynamically positioned vessels.

  • Patented and unique​ testing method

  • Leaves protections in place during testing

  • Invisible to the ship's systems

  • True fault responses

  • Removes personnel from the testing area

  • Safe & integrated response

  • Zero damage to equipment

How it works

The GVRT is connected between the automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and the field of the generator, leaving all protections in place before, during, and after testing. The GVRT measures readings such as voltage and current. Our system has an internal load which allows the AVR to continue normal operation.


During normal operation, the GVRT will mirror the AVR output. In test conditions, our system will vary the excitation voltage. 

GVRT installation - Test Condition

What’s the difference between traditional short circuit testing and OneStep Power's GVRT?

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Short Circuit tests on main switchboards can damage equipment, and are limited to a single fault path. OneStep’s GVRT is a proven safe technology that is non-destructive and tests the entire system.

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Voltage transient testing using OneStep Power's GVRT

For more technical information & specifications, download our GVRT flyer.

If you have any questions contact us.

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OneStep Power’s ZeroDIP is used in conjunction with GVRT for fault ride through testing on Dynamically Positioned vessels, enabling safe and reliable closed bus operation.

ZeroDIP allows the ship’s systems to experience a zero-volt event for a precise duration of time.

  • Precise breaker control to induce a zero-volt event

  • Used with GVRT for realistic fault ride through 

  • Replaces “bang-bang” test

  • Safe and precise alternative to traditional testing

  • Leaves protections in place during testing

ZeroDip (2).png

How it works

ZeroDIP technology performs high-speed breaker switching, replacing the traditional “bang-bang” test. It is an important part of our safe, reliable, and repeatable alternative to short circuit testing.

Zero volt ride through testing is performed using OneStep Power’s ZeroDIP, a high-speed breaker switching device providing controllable breaker reactions. By controlling specific breakers, OneStep Power induces a zero-volt event on a bus for a controlled duration.

The ZeroDIP opens a tie breaker to the section of main bus under test. Once the zero-volt test period has elapsed, a second tie breaker is closed.

What’s the difference between traditional testing and ZeroDIP?

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Fault Ride Through testing using OneStep Power's GVRT & ZeroDIP

Zero Volts Dip300ms.png

Fault Ride Through testing using OneStep Power's GVRT & ZeroDIP

For more technical information & specifications, download our ZeroDIP flyer.

If you have any questions contact us.



DC Cross-Connection Short Circuit Under Test

DCShortCUT logo white outline.png

OneStep Power's DCShortCUT validates the fault tolerance of cross-connected 24V DC power supply configurations through in-circuit failure mode testing. 

  • Reduces risk by removal of personnel

  • Single integrated test solution reduces cost

  • Repeatable tests with clear pass/fail criteria

  • Vessel protective functions remain “as-is”

  • Invisible to the vessel

  • Responses are as if there was an actual fault

The DCShortCUT is temporarily installed to the system under test. Using a controller and HMI, the DCShortCUT induces a series of faults on the 24V DC system.

  • Load step tests

  • Overload tests

  • Short circuit

  • Short to ground 

  • Over-voltage

  • Failure of power supplies


The DCShortCUT provides a safe and reliable method for performing testing, which can be repeated on a regular basis.

For more technical information & specifications, download our DCShortCut flyer.

Check out our DCShortCUT Case Study!

Contact us for more information.


Our diverse and experienced team of technical professionals can also provide a wide range of technical support for complex marine power and electrical systems.

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Software & PLC

Programming & Support  

As a result of our in-house technical capabilities, OneStep Power has expertise in a variety of software and PLC languages. Our teams can support remotely or on-site as necessary.

Project commissioning

& Reactivation

OneStep Power’s project support team is comprised of engineers and technical professionals from a variety of disciplines, including: power, controls, mechanical, maritime compliance, drilling and subsea.

Our project personnel have experience in locations globally and can be rapidly mobilized for long and short-term projects.

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Closed Bus

Equivalent Integrity

For vessel owners looking to demonstrate equivalent integrity, OneStep Power supports a holistic approach to safe closed bus operations. Our engineers can develop and review equivalent integrity cases, designs, and testing protocols to ensure a compliance and safe closed bus operation.

Validation / Testing

Development & Review

We can assist in the development and review of power system documentation and testing programs. This includes field support for annual dynamic position and special periodic survey testing. 

  • Comprehensive testing programs

  • Safe tests

  • Class and Regulatory Compliance

We can work with FMEA providers, shipyards and clients to develop “Robust, Repeatable & Reliable” power system testing programs.

Post-failure  Solutions

Experience matters when incidents occur. OneStep Power engineers have the knowledge and experience to identify incident causes and provide options to eliminate future incidents in complex power systems:

  • Fault tracing and root cause

  • Sensible and safe rectification solutions

Engineering Services
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