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Investing in the Energy Transition

At Onestep Power, we believe the path to net-zero requires investment in innovative technologies across the energy sector. As experts in maritime decarbonization, we offer a unique value proposition to investors seeking due diligence on new energy technologies.


Our engineering team can provide an independent, science-based assessment to help de-risk your investment by evaluating the technical readiness, scalability, and emissions reduction potential of pre-revenue technologies across the energy sector.


We help investors make informed decisions by assessing the real-world viability and performance of new technologies.

Contact us to make it happen.

Partnerships or investing In Onestep power solutions

In addition to offering technology viability services, Onestep Power is open to partnerships and investment from like-minded companies focused on enabling impact on climate change.


If you're an investor looking to accelerate the energy transition, we invite you to start a conversation

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