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Our Mission:

Independent assurance to accelerate the future of clean power


Our Values:

Safe Solutions 
We uphold safety, increase reliability, and provide transparency.


Technical Excellence

We cultivate talent, pioneer innovations, and ensure successful projects.


Trusted Service

We listen actively, collaborate openly, and exceed expectations.

Business Meeting


We Stop Blackouts.

We Live in a Rapidly Changing World. The race to net-zero emissions is driving a global energy transition. To keep pace with the demands and opportunities of the Energy Transition, power system technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Now more than ever, with opportunity comes risk: maritime power outages and failures can lead to millions in losses. 

New Solutions Call For New Thinking. Traditional validation protocols can’t account for the rapidly changing landscape of the clean power revolution. Emerging clean energy technologies require diligent review for viability and feasibility, first from a technology viewpoint, then as an application to a specific vessel. New ways to prove these ships are safe, leveraging data and technology are required.

Power Testing Re-imagined. Onestep Power provides independent, rapid validation of maritime energy innovations. We work to mitigate risk by:

  • Conducting design and upgrade feasibility reviews

  • Validating systems through independent testing

  • Providing reliable power monitoring solutions

  • Investigating incidents and verifying remediation

We apply proven protocols combined with new, data-driven methods and technologies to de-risk the maritime energy transition. Our experience has made us a trusted partner for:

  • Battery-hybrid upgrades

  • Alternative-fuel new-builds

  • Closed bus upgrades and validation

  • Offshore vessel control system validation

Contact Us. We are looking to connect with vessel owners, insurers and investors looking to de-risk their journey to Net Zero. Let’s discuss how we can help you navigate the maritime energy transition.

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