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Cross-connection Assurance in days,
not weeks

OneStep Power enables Shuttle Tankers to operate free of isolation checklists through rapid Cross-Connection validation. Our patented ShortCUT testing technologies are the only solutions recognized globally to definitively prove fault tolerance of DP cross-connections. Get your vessel on contract sooner, with a data-backed validation report trusted by your clients.

  • Rapid on-board testing and data-backed reporting in 10 days

  • Vessel-specific validation plan for your DP design

  • Packaged analysis, testing and reporting to reduce cost

"This testing has provided an alternative solution to the previous method of reducing fault propagation risk through an isolation strategy, thus eliminating the risk of associated human error.”

Barry Jewson, MMA Offshore Fleet Technical General Manager

DP FMEA Assurance Framework

Since OCIMF released the DP FMEA Assurance Framework Risk Based Guidance in 2020, DP Shuttle tanker operators have been asked to validate their cross-connected control systems. These systems are vital to the operation of the vessel, and in some cases, removing the cross-connection isn’t optimal. OneStep Power is here to help.

OneStep Power's ShortCUT products are tools to verify the system design is suitable for DP operations. OneStep Power provides you with independent evidence and enables the suitability of cross-connections to be demonstrated quickly and reliably. 

We work with you to validate that these cross-connections don’t represent risk to your DP operations, we give you the data to provide to your client, so you can get to work, fast.

Integrated testing aboard your ships

The ShortCUT series is live testing aboard your vessel.

Generally, testing can be completed in 3 days, with standard cross-connections being validated in just under an hour.


We start small, with a load step test, confirming the set-up of our testing and your ship, then continue to more substantial tests.

We work with your crew, either during sea trials after your shipyard survey, or, during the transits between field and port. 


The ship should be in Dynamic Positioning (DP) mode for the test, although testing during transit on DP is allowed. 

REsults when you need them

While we're onboard, you and your client witnesses can observe real-time results.

After testing, the full suite of test results is provided as a preliminary report, so you can get to work, while the final results are analyzed by our automated validation algorithm and the final report is produced within 10 business days.

Cross-connection reports are data-dense, and the engineering time to review these reports can cause project costs to expand rapidly.


OneStep Power has eliminated the need for detailed engineering on the bulk of tests by utilizing our Automated Validation Algorithm (AVA).


AVA is respected in the industry for speeding up the analysis of successful tests, and highlighting concerns about unsuccessful tests, reducing engineering hours and thus, your cost.


Our DCShortCUT validates the fault tolerance of cross-connected 24V DC power supply configurations through in-circuit failure mode testing.  ​ - Reduces risk by removal of personnel - Single integrated test solution reduces cost - Repeatable tests with clear pass/fail criteria - Vessel protective functions remain “as-is” - Invisible to the vessel - Responses are as if there was an actual fault The DCShortCUT is temporarily installed to the system under test. Using a controller and HMI, the DCShortCUT induces a series of faults on the 24V DC system. ​ - Load step tests - Overload tests - Short circuit - Short to ground  - Over-voltage - Failure of power The DCShortCUT provides a safe and reliable method for performing testing, which can be repeated on a regular basis.

Technical Specifications

Case Study

Planning, Testing and Reporting for one cost

​Because OneStep Power has been ShortCUT testing DP Shuttle tankers since 2020, we know what it takes to deliver cross-connection test results.

We start by reviewing the available documents for the vessel and confirming the devices needed for your vessel. OneStep Power will provide a detailed on-site test plan which can be communicated to your client in advance of the testing.
We'll then mobilize our equipment, and our experienced technicians to your vessel. 


This experience is your benefit: we now provide a cost-managed contracting arrangement, decreasing your cost and risk. 

Want to understand our pricing? Contact us​.

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