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Control system cross-connections have been identified by industry stakeholders as being a significant threat to the redundancy of Dynamically Positioned Vessels.

A fault downstream of cross-connected power supplies, when propagated up to the power supplies, is considered to threaten both the power supplies. If the problem propagates through the power supplies to their source, all other consumers fed by the same source are also at risk. As such, in a cross-connection arrangement, a fault on one set of supplies could cause the loss of multiple sections of the vessel. With the advent of high reliability power supplies and electronic circuit protection devices, the risk of faults propagating through a DC cross-connection has decreased significantly.

How can vessel owners provide assurance to clients and stakeholders that the risk has been sufficiently mitigated through equipment selection and design?

OneStep Power has developed the Cross-connection Short Circuit Under Test, or ShortCUT, the first comprehensive cross-connection testing solution.

The ShortCUT Series provides safe and reliable testing, which can be repeated on a regular basis.

ShortCut Series


Trusted by major DP assurance providers and charterers

Since 2020, OneStep Power’s ShortCUT technologies have been the proven way for DP shuttle tankers, drillships and offshore support vessels to quickly validate their safety-critical cross-connection designs and meet contracting deadlines.

OneStep Power’s ShortCUT technologies let you rapidly validate that your DP vessel's cross-connections won't propagate faults. Testing can take less than an hour per cross-connection and can be scheduled for no downtime.

Get on contract by using data-driven testing

Fast, no-impact testing, can be done with vessel in transit on DP

​​Our team handles the testing - your crew can see results immediately

Eliminates checklists for isolating power supplies through checklists

How ShortCUT Provides Rapid Validation

Our technicians temporarily install ShortCUT at your cross-connections. By inducing faults, we can record evidence of the system’s ability to contain the fault. Generally, this process takes less than an hour per cross-connection. 

  • All OneStep Power test systems are designed to be used without changing the existing protections

  • ShortCUT is invisible to the vessel

  • Actual fault responses

  • Repeatable test methodology, with clear acceptance criteria

  • Quick set-up and removal

  • The self-contained test kit is controlled from a remote HMI to remove personnel from the testing area

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Applicable Rule sets

OCIMF DP FMEA Assurance Framework Risk Based Guidance, 2020, Appendix E ABS Guide for Dynamic Positioning Systems, 2021, Sect 2 - 3.3.5 DNV DNV-RP-E306 Dynamic positioning vessel design philosophy guidelines, 2021m Sect 9.10 LR Rules and Regulations for the Classification of Ships, 2023, Part 7, Chapt 4.

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