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OneStep Power are your trusted advisors. Our team’s knowledge of shipboard operations and power systems allows us to provide practical solutions, aligned with your vision for performance.

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We Stop Blackouts.

Using our Protection Briefing model, we assess your facility and identify the ways the system is designed to protect itself.

We identify where the protections might not be as strong as you need, or where gaps might exist. We highlight these and aim to help solve these gaps in advance.

Once your system is ready, we use an array of technologies to induce realistic faults into the facility. We capture the information you and your clients need in order to demonstrate that the system is safe and reliable.

Think of us as your “White Hat Hackers” for power.


Blackouts and power disturbances during passenger voyages can result in significant losses. 

OneStep Power provides a systemized approach to power assessments, allowing us to prove your ship will stay safe, even in the event of a mechanical failure at sea. 

As an independant assurance provider, we look at the integrated system.

Our tailored process evaluates your safeguards against real-world conditions without unnecessary disruption.

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Power Monitoring from
Power Specialists.

Using modern solutions, OneStep Power can provide insight when you need it:

  • Long term power consumption trend information, in useful formats for ESG monitoring & compliance.

  • High-speed power incident data, for real insights during power event investigation.  

  • Link to your existing monitoring systems.

The OneStep Power difference:

Our power monitoring service is designed to provide what you need, from low-cost trend and incident data, up to a full onsite service suite.


When a power event occurs, we are on hand.

  • Data interpretation and investigation support

  • Solutions and options for prevention of future events

  • Validation of implemented solutions

This service is complimentary to our Power Monitoring clients.

DESIGN & Shipyard support

Owners Representative Services

Deliver on time and in budget.

Our team are here to help you

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