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Fun Fact Friday

It’s Fun Fact Friday! Did you know that offshore oil rigs can actually travel to different locations when needed? In the video below, Scarabeo 9, a large, semi-submersible rig built by Saipem is crossing the Bosporus Strait. It’s destination? A shipyard where it will get maintenance for future jobs. In the video you can see it passing under 3 bridges, just barely clearing the last one!

Some offshore rigs are anchored to the bottom of the ocean while others use dynamic positioning to stay in place. Dynamic positioning uses very high tech computer algorithms to control thrusters that keep the vessel on location. The vessel's navigation, power and control systems are all integrated, helping the vessel stay stationary in changing weather conditions.

You can read more about Scarabeos 9's journey here.

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Image Credit: Saipem

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