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A more effective DP FMEA power system testing regime

Tuesday, October 15, 2019


M. Craig, S. Whiteford & D. Campos


Oct 15, 2019



Modern power systems aboard DP vessels have incorporated advanced technologies that make proving system operation more difficult than in the past.

While many DP FMEAs are trying to capture the advanced systems used today, key components specific to modern systems have been overlooked and in some cases, testing of particular functions has become over-emphasised to the detriment of overall system functionality.

The “Built to Test” requirements offer a new opportunity to build DP FMEA testing programs with a viewto comprehensive and safe testing solutions. This paper offers a more complete FMEA set of testing that can be adapted and applied to modern DP2 and DP3 power systems, in conjunction with a robust commissioning, sea-trials and maintenance package.

This paper will include a logical power system document review process and provide a comprehensive, safe and efficient test regime.
Considerations which are vital to the health of the overall system include the order in which testing is performed and the overall test program, including DP FMEA testing.

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