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Power System Testing

Innovative testing for a safe energy transition

OneStep Power Solutions develops and provides data-driven assurance for safe
energy-transition power systems



Testing can be

completed in 3-5
 days on site.


Reduce risk to personnel and equipment.




Improve efficiency and get on Charter faster.

Voltage Dip Ride Through

In order for a Dynamically Positioned vessel to operate safely and efficiently in closed bus, voltage dip ride through must be demonstrated.

Traditionally, voltage dip ride through testing was performed by bolting a short circuit across a busbar on the vessel, causing the vessel’s output voltage to dip, and a very high current to be generated. This current has the potential to damage equipment resulting in downtime and costly repairs.

OneStep Power’s GVRT and ZeroDIP provide a safe alternative voltage dip ride through test. Using OneStep Power’s technologies, the system can induce the voltage response of a short circuit across the whole system for a short period of time, and then return the system to normal.


24V DC cross-connections have been identified by industry stakeholders as being a significant threat to the redundancy  of Dynamically Positioned Vessels.

Faults on cross-connected arrangements may propagate beyond the initial fault and cause losses greater than the system design intended.

Currently, OneStep Power is the only provider offering comprehensive cross-connection testing in a single test package.

OneStep Power has developed the DC Cross-connections Short Circuit Under Test, or
DCShortCUT. OneStep Power’s DCShortCUT is a testing technology for validating 24V DC cross-connection fault tolerance aboard dynamically positioned vessels.

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OneStep Power's Generator Voltage Response Tester (GVRT) allows for all excitation based testing, without the need to change protection system settings, in a controlled, repeatable manner.

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OneStep Power's ZeroDIP technology provides minimally invasive testing of closed bus systems for verification of zero-volt ride through.

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OneStep Power’s DCShortCUT is a technology developed specifically for performing 24V DC cross connection validation testing aboard dynamically positioned vessels.

Global project services and software programming and support.

Review of power system documentation, testing, and post-failure solutions.


In 2019, OneStep Power was honored to receive the Offshore Support Journal Innovation of the Year Award for our GVRT. In 2020, we were shortlisted for the OSJ Innovation of the Year Award for our ZeroDIP technology.

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