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World Maritime Theme 2022 for greener shipping; new largest container ship in the world

It’s Good News Monday!

This Monday we talk about:

  1. World Maritime Theme 2022

  2. Tees White Gill supplying ‘quiet’ thrusters for new NOAA research ships

  3. Marco Polo Marine Approved for ‘Green’ Ship Recycling in Indonesia

  4. World’s largest container ship floated out

  5. BMS Orders Huisman Mega-crane for Offshore Wind Turbines

  6. Equinor turns to drones for offshore logistics

IMO New Technologies for Greener Shipping banner

IMO New Technologies for Greener Shipping for 2022. Image from International Maritime Organization..

The World Maritime theme for 2002 is ‘new technologies for greener shipping’, “reflecting the need to support a green transition of the maritime sector into a sustainable future, while leaving no one behind.” IMO supports a greener transition along with the innovation and new technologies that accompany it, especially focused on developing countries and small islands. They’ve linked the theme to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, including climate action and sustainable use of the oceans.

Model of AGOR variant oceanographic vessel in a glass case

“Model of the AGOR variant oceanographic vessel that will be built by Thoma-Sea Marine Constructors for the NOAA (source: Riviera Maritime Media)”. Image from Riviera.

Tees White Gill (TWG), a UK-based company, will provide vertical shaft thrusters for two new US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) research vessels. Thoma-Sea Marine Constructors in Louisiana provided the contract as they are building the two AGOR variant ships, a contract itself valued at $178.1M. During the four-year thruster contract, TWG will build the 10 tonne, 3.4m-tall thruster components in house.They are 700 kW, 360 degree azimuth thrusters for slow speed, precise maneuvering. The two new vessels, Oceanographer and Discoverer, will receive power, control systems, and battery storage technology from Siemens Energy. “Both ships will be equipped with SiSHIP Blue Drive PlusC advanced diesel-electric propulsion systems and BlueVault battery storage solutions.” TWG supplied four vertical shaft thrusters for RRS Sir David Attenborough, a polar research vessel that recently completed its maiden voyage to Antarctica.

Marco Polo Marine ship recycling yard with three ships in dry dock

“Photo courtesy Marco Polo Marine”. Image from gCaptain.

Marco Polo Marine’s Batam Shipyard is the “first shipyard in Indonesia to be certified and awarded a ISO 30000:2009 certificate, which is globally recognized by the shipping industry for compliance with the new European Union (EU) Regulation on Ship Recycling and the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) Hong Kong Convention.” They are expanding their services to include green recycling due to growing interest and pressure on the maritime industry to ensure vessels are recycled safely at their end-of-life. The Marco Polo shipyard is on 84 acres with 650 meters of waterfront, just south of Singapore on Batam Island. To see more on ship recycling, check out our article What is ship recycling?

Ever Alot container ship on the ocean render

“Evergreen’s newest container ship, 24,000 TEU Ever Alot, has been floated out (source: Evergreen)”. Image from Riviera.

The Evergreen ship Ever Alot is now the world’s largest container ship at 24,004 TEU. It’s in a series of 14 vessels with the same dimensions, but the first six from Samsung Heavy Industries have a 23,992 TEU rating, while the other eight being built by CSSC have the higher rating. The Ever Ace is part of that group and was the largest ship when it was launched in mid-2021 at 23,992 TEU. It holds the record for most containers loaded on a ship, 21,710 TEU.

If you want to learn more about container shipping, check out Container shipping - How does it work? And be sure to check out our article World's Largest Containership: Emma Maersk, about a previous record-holding container ship and some of the other larger ships that have come after.

Huisman crane installing a wind turbine render

“Credit: Huisman”. Image from Offshore Engineer.

BMS Heavy Cranes, a Denmark-based company, ordered a 3,000mt Ringer Crane from Huisman with the option for a second crane from the Dutch crane maker. The crane is optimized for the wind industry with the ability to lift 1,200mt up to 225m and 3000mt at lower heights. It’s fully electric, modular for transport, operates in higher wind speeds, and has a full 360 degree range. It is expected to be delivered in Q3 or Q4 2023 and will be used to lift the largest wind turbines.

Nordic Unmanned with a helicopter style drone

“Nordic Unmanned and Equinor teamed up to test a drone in Norway (source: Nordic Unmanned)”. Image from Riviera.

Equinor contracted with Nordic Unmanned for offshore drone services off the coast of Norway. It’s one of the largest European drone logistics contracts at €2.7M or $3.0M US. The contract follows trials of unmanned aerial vehicles that started in 2020, which we discussed in our article Drones and UAVs: Offshore. There will be onshore preparation flights in the first half of 2021 followed by a demonstration period in the second half of 2022. The demonstration drones will be used for cargo deliveries, search and rescue, inspection, and deploy a subsea unmanned device. They expect the Schiebel Camcopter S-100 and Staaker BG-class drones to reduce emissions and increase efficiency.

Smile, it’s Good News Monday! :-)


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