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SEE MONSTER public art installation; Women in maritime; new Siemens US turbine blade facility

It’s Good News Monday!

This Monday we talk about:

  1. SEE MONSTER: Giant North Sea Offshore Platform to Become Public Art Installation

  2. Women in Maritime: Expect Equality and Fear Nothing

  3. Siem Offshore goes on battery shopping spree for three OSVs

  4. Siemens Gamesa to Construct First US Offshore Wind Turbine Blade Facility in Virginia

  5. Solstad CSV chartered for South American project

Rendering of SEE MONSTER offshore platform installation once finished

Rendering of SEE MONSTER offshore platform art installation. “Credit: North Somerset Council”. Image from Offshore Engineer.

A North Sea platform will be decommissioned and transformed into SEE MONSTER, a public art installation. The platform will be in a seaside town in Somerset, England on the site of the former lido, Tropicana. “SEE MONSTER is part of UNBOXED: Creativity in the UK - a free, national collection of ten large-scale, public art engagement projects that will showcase the UK’s creativity and innovation to the world throughout 2022.” It will be the world’s only repurposed North Sea platform and the largest outdoor installation in Weston-super-Mare. The seafront will provide renewable energy and the platform will include gardens, a waterfall, and focus on green technologies and science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM).Construction should start in spring of 2022 and take about two months to complete.

Woman and man in PPE at a shipyard

“File Photo: sirtravelalot/Shutterstock”. Image from gCaptain.

“Women aiming for successful careers in maritime should be more courageous, not worry about failure and expect to be seen as equals, a senior shipping executive has said.” At a recent Women in Shipping Summit, panelists spoke on what they wish they had known when they started their careers. Recommendations were to be more vocal early in your career, ask to be included in events and decisions - let people know you’re interested in getting more involved. There are more opportunities than there used to be and organizations are seeking a more balanced leadership. You have to grab opportunities and find what you love doing - if it isn’t enjoyable, ask about transferring to a different area. Also, don’t go the journey alone: make friends and network with colleagues, take an interest and get to know people.

Siem Offshore OSV

“Siem Offshore will upgrade one of its subsea construction vessels with a double battery installation for a windfarm contract (source: Siem Offshore)”. Image from Riviera.

Siem Offshore has ordered battery packages for three vessels. For one of their subsea construction vessels in the wind sector, they ordered a SeaQ Energy Storage System (ESS) with two battery packs and DC link from Vard Electro. For PSV Siem Thilma, they ordered a hybrid battery package with shore power from Kongsberg Maritime. For LNG PSV Siem Pride, a hybrid battery package was ordered from Wärtsilä Norway. The three retrofits are planned for Q1 2022. Check out the original article for more details on the three systems.

American flag and wind turbine in the background

“A wind turbine Dominion Energy’s two turbine Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) pilot project. The wind farm, currently in its testing phase, is anticipated to be one of the first fully-permitted, operational wind project in U.S. federal waters, delivering 12-megawatt’s of clean energy to customers in Virginia. Photo: Dominion Energy”. Image from gCaptain.

Siemens Gamesa has agreed to open the first offshore wind turbine blade facility in the United States in Virginia at Portsmouth Marine Terminal. The facility is about $200 million and will support Dominion Energy’s Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Commercial Project, a 2.6 gigawatt wind farm expected to create 260 jobs once operational. More than 80 acres will be developed to produce Siemens Gamesa Offshore IntegralBlades. Dominion’s wind project should be completed in 2026, generating power for up to 660,000 homes and avoiding 5 million tons of CO2 each year.

Normand Samson vessel on the ocean

“Normand Samson (ex Far Samson) will support field development under a long-term charter (source: Solstad)”. Image from Riviera.

Construction support vessel (CSV) Normand Samson has been chartered by a major oil service company for a minimum 350 day contract with an option for 150 additional days. The vessel is 121 meters long with cargo space of 1,450 square meters and accommodations for 100. It is DP3 dynamically positioned with two ROVs, ROV crane, moonpool, helideck, and 250 ton crane. It has a bollard pull of 423 tonnes and was named ship of the year in 2009.

Smile, it’s Good News Monday! :-)

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