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Power testing in troubled times

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

OneStep Power Solutions is first and foremost a power system testing company. Our engineers and technicians rely on access to vessels, as well as supporting transport options such as crew boats, planes and helicopters.

The lockdowns of COVID-19 have affected our team just like everyone else's. While we have been taking advantage of our remote working options for engineering, administration and quality management; at the end of the day, a zoom call isn't going to tell you if your vessel is compliant for closed bus or hybrid operations.

That's because our testing is real life.

Our testing solutions demonstrate how your system actually operates in a fault scenario: short circuit, loss of sensing, or rapid changes in voltage. And to do that, we need access to the facility.

The safety of our personnel and that of our clients remains the highest priority and of course we will re-assess the situation on a continual basis. In light of the potential for extended restrictions, we have assessed the need for a new normal, and developed solutions accordingly. Thus, to support our clients in safety, OneStep Power has committed to the following measures until December 2020:

  • temperature monitoring for a minimum of 5 days prior to mobilization

  • 18-day self-isolation between facilities

  • mobilization of local teams where possible (Australia, USA) and using qualified local support where it's available.

Additionally, we have permanently added contagion management training to our training scheme.

In unprecedented times we all need to take unprecedented measures. We are so proud of our teams who are doing their bit to stay safe and minimize the risk to others.

Stay safe out there.

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