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OneStep's Zero Dip

In response to industry demand, OneStep Power has developed ZeroDip. This technology performs coordinated high-speed breaker switching, allowing bus sections and downstream equipment to experience a zero-volts event for precise duration. When combined with OneStep Power’s Generator Voltage Response Tester (GVRT), a voltage response mimicking that of a short circuit is induced on the system.

Used in conjunction with current injection testing, OneStep’s technologies provide a safe, reliable, and repeatable alternative to short circuit testing.

Developed as a complementary technology to the GVRT, ZeroDip is another tool to confirm the suitability and safety of power systems aboard dynamically positioned facilities. ZeroDip provides safe, repeatable and precise control of multiple breakers, enabling a number of testing applications, including short-duration, zero-voltage tests.

Closed bus operations are increasingly attractive to vessel operators for:

◆ increased reliability during engine failures,

◆ reduced and improved maintenance access,

◆ well established savings in fuel consumption, and

◆ improved emissions.

OneStep Power’s powerful testing suite will perform a complete assessment of a power system’s fault ride through capabilities, without the risk, expense, or schedule impacts of short circuit testing. OneStep’s testing system operates without changing vessel protection settings so returning to normal commercial operations is seamless and hassle-free. You’ll have instantaneous pass/fail results and a detailed written report shortly afterwards.

If you are considering a battery hybridization program, understanding the fault ride through characteristics of your DP power system is vital. The comprehensive testing program provided by OneStep Power’s testing suite is the safest, quickest, most cost-effective way to gather this information. You’ll gain assurance that your battery hybridization investment will provide a safe and efficient operation.

The graph to the left displays the main bus voltage collapsing to zero then returning to rated voltage in a live test conducted on a vessel in service. ZeroDip testing can be completed dockside, prior to sea trials, allowing for early identification and efficient rectification of power distribution system deficiencies.

The graph on the right illustrates the voltage response of the main bus falling to zero, induced by the ZeroDip followed by a transient overvoltage, induced by the GVRT. This is a response representative of the voltage transients during an actual short circuit and should be conducted during sea trials and at 5 yearly special surveys.

ZeroDip Flyer
Download PDF • 4.25MB

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