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OneStep Power in 2020

The start of 2020.

We’re not really sure what happened to the 2010’s: There was an oil-price boom, there was an oil-price crash, there was a “new normal” and then the decade was done.

Like everyone else, we at OneStep have resolutions for the new year, and the next decade:

1. Continue our mission: “Providing the best testing & engineering solutions to verify the reliability of power systems.”

To us, this means continuing to develop new and novel ways to assist our clients with testing their power systems. By borrowing from other industries, or developing new technologies and engineering different solutions, we plan to continue our tradition of offering robust solutions. Look out for new technology developments, better collaboration opportunities, and more ways to speed up your testing with robust, repeatable and reliable outcomes.

2. Provide value through industry engagement. You can expect to see us at industry events, and our “Wednesday Write-ups” will continue to present you with bite-sized information pieces to add to the knowledge of the industry. We will continue to ask the difficult questions, and provide solutions and answers where we can.

3. Support and capability-build our team. Our people make our business. The team in Houston and SE Asia are an incredible group of professionals. We look forward to bringing the right support to these individuals as the team continues to develop industry best practices for the delivery of testing solutions.

4. Develop the Next Significant Power Testing Innovation.

We were so happy to be shortlisted at the OSJ innovation award for the second year in a row. In fact, we took it as a challenge and plan on having yet another technology to present in 2021 - so let us know if you see a gap in the power testing market, we’d love to hear ideas and have collaboration partners on our journey!

5. Maintain our relationships with our customers and supporters. 2019 was a massive year for OneStep Power, and we couldn’t have done it without the most amazing support from friends and family in Australia, Malaysia and beyond, to international interest from Norway, UK, Canada, Singapore and China, and a growing network of incredible clients and supporters in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. You made 2019 truly special, and we hope to do great things with your support in 2020.

See you soon!

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