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Good News Monday - 30 March

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

There is definitely gloom and doom out there, but we like to find some things to be grateful for, so here is our round-up of good news this week.

USNS Comfort arrived in New York harbour this morning. The Mercy Ship, which will be providing support to relieve the current shortage of medical support to NYC, has not been seen in New York since 9/11 recovery efforts in 2001. While it's a somber statistic, the ship offers hope and support to the city.

Yet another cool world record yet again for Sleipnir, who completed the largest ever LNG bunkering operation last week. This is an important milestone for alternative fuels!

Sleipnir takes on the world's largest ever LNG bunkering (Image credit: Heerema)

Image credit: Robert Allan Ltd.

Belov's two new Dive Support Vessels have finished sea trials and are starting customer acceptance testing for Petrobras.

The two diesel-electric powered DSVs are dynamically positioned (DP-2).

Stay safe out there!

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