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Good News Monday: 16th March

We acknowledge it: It's been an interesting week.

  • The COVID-19 virus, which has officially been labelled a pandemic is the number 1 priority globally. The health and economic impacts of the virus are going to have repercussions globally for years to come.

  • Oil prices look a little dusty after the past week, and oil-field contractors are going to be feeling the pinch - many of them already riding the very thin line of a 5-year downturn.

  • Businesses affected by both of these "Black Swan" events are also self-quarantining and trying a new concept for the oil-field: "Work from Home."

It's tough to stay optimistic in this environment. So, in typical OneStep Power Monday morning fashion, here is some good news:

Remote work? We're built for it!

We are still here! OneStep Power is still servicing our clients. Our remote conferencing capabilities are definitely getting a workout now! Our systems, designed and implemented for a global workforce, have always leveraged remote work options. Our office in Houston remains staffed by our management team, and our phone is always manned.

The Artefact. Image credit: Charles Van Rooy

Germany-based Nobiskrug shipyard delivered the much-anticipated yacht "Artefact" at the start of March. The Artefact, which features a number of green power solutions, including a hybrid battery package which can be used to operate silently while in port is a stunning example of new technologies being used in the private sector to push the envelope. The vessel also utilises a Dynamic Positioning system and azipod propulsion. She's just finished sea trials in the Baltic, so be on the lookout for this beauty in European Ports near you soon.

Speaking of batteries in Europe, here's a video from a few months ago from Danfoss. Ellen is the world's most powerful electric ferry, deployed between Ærø and Als, the Danish home island of Danfoss.

See? There is still some cool stuff in the world. Stay strong, stay smart, stay safe.

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