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Leadership Is Language, bp news, zero emissions tanker, electric vessels

It’s Good News Monday!

This Monday we talk about:

  1. Book Review: Leadership Is Language

  2. Lots of bp news!

  3. Zero-emissions tanker project inks battery deal

  4. Dutch Cargo Ship Sails with New Wind-Assisted Technology

  5. Remontowa delivers LNG/battery-powered PSV

  6. Zero-emissions workboat will ‘fly’ over the water

Leadership Is Language book cover

Leadership Is Language book. Image Credit: gCaptain

When the American containership El Faro sank in 2015, the crew perished, but they left valuable information in the form of a transcript of their conversations. The crew did their best for their team, but the outdated playbook and language they were using turned the situation from bad to worse. Leadership language is the starting point for all communication and can be the start of positive change. The new book “Leadership Is Language” by Captain L David Marquet will help you become a better leader and change an organization for the better. He previously wrote “Turn the Ship Around”. There is a much longer summary of the book and the El Faro incident in the article above, check it out.

Solar panels

Solar panels. Image Credit: bp.

There’s lots of good news coming from bp this week, here are a few highlights:

  • “Lightsource bp signs power contract with Verizon for 152.5 megawatt solar farm in Indiana”. The pollinator friendly Bellflower solar farm will be located about 40 miles east of Indianapolis, with an expected completion date of 2022.

  • “Lightsource bp completes $380M financing and mobilizes construction on 316 megawatts of solar in Texas”. Elm Branch and Briar Creek solar projects will be located about 40 miles south of Dallas, creating hundreds of jobs during construction.

  • “bp completes entry into offshore wind, with strategic partner Equinor”. In efforts to achieve 50 GW of renewables by 2030, bp has taken a 50:50 partnership with Equinor in the new Empire and Beacon projects off the east coast of the United States, expected to produce up to 4.4GW of power. They are seeking other opportunities for US offshore wind.

  • “bp supplying free fuel for emergency services vehicles and free meals ‎for frontline health workers”. bp is bringing back its program for free fuel for emergency services and giving “250,000 free meals to Deliveroo's 'Lunch for Lifesavers' initiative – free meals for staff and volunteers at vaccine centres”.

Asahi tanker all electric e5 vessel on the ocean

Asahi tanker all electric e5 vessel. Image Credit: Riviera.

Corvus Energy won a contract to supply their Orca ESS battery for the new all electric Asahi tankers vessel. It will be the first zero emissions and all electric vessel of its kind. Two vessels are expected to be built by Imura Shipyard Co and KOA Industry Co in Japan. The maritime nation plans to be carbon emissions free by 2050. The 3,480-kWh Orca ESS will also reduce noise and vibration in the vessel, making it more comfortable for crew members and reducing noise pollution.

Frisian Sea on the ocean

Frisian Sea. Image Credit: The Maritime Executive.

The Dutch cargo ship Frisian Sea is testing a new fixed wing technology for wind propulsion assistance. They will test the Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion (WASP) project for the next two years, looking for a fuel savings of about 10 percent. The VentiFoils can be stowed when loading or when not needed, but they do not rotate during voyages, remaining fixed. They create thrust through boundary-layer suction.

Coey Viking PSV on the water

Coey Viking. Image Credit: Riviera.

The first of two new platform supply vessels, the Coey Viking, was just delivered by Remontowa Shipbuilding to Borealis Maritime. “Coey Viking was built to a Wärtsilä VS 4411 DF design and DNV GL classification.” The ship is equipped with a DP2 system that can maintain position in 35 knot wind speeds and 4 meter waves and has fire fighting and oil response capabilities. Remontowa is also finishing up the last tug in a six tug order for the Polish Navy.

Artemis eFoiler

Artemis eFoiler. Image Credit: Riviera.

Artemis Technologies, based in the UK, is continuing development of it’s eFoiler electric propulsion system, expecting to have a demonstrator by 2021. The boat will be an 11 m workboat platform from Tuco Marine Group. It will have a cruising speed of 25 knots with a 60 mile range. They see the market for a high speed, zero emissions transport vessel with a comfortable ride that flies over the waves.

Smile, it’s Good News Monday! :-)


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