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Heerema install at Sofia, Kongsberg Panama Canal upgrade, Smart vessels, Chevron wind investment

It’s Good News Monday!

This Monday we talk about:

  1. Heerema to Transport and Install Offshore Converter Platform for Sofia Wind Farm

  2. Kongsberg to upgrade Panama Canal’s simulators

  3. World's First: CMHI's Offshore Rig Gets DNV's 'Smart vessel' Notation

  4. P&O Maritime secures ‘triple win’ for PSVs in Qatar

  5. Chevron, Moreld Invest in Floating Wind Tech Firm Ocergy

Heerema Sleipnir at sea

“Sleipnir - Credit; Heerema Marine Contractors”. Image from Offshore Engineer.

Heerema Marine Contractors has chosen Sembcorp Marine, of Singapore to move and install their “HVDC offshore converter platform for RWE's 1.4 GW Sofia offshore wind farm in the UK.” Heerema’s Sleipnir, the world’s largest SSCV, or semi-submersible crane vessel. The install should be completed in 2024. The Sofia wind farm is 220 kilometers off the coast of Redcar, Teeside, in the Dogger Bank area.

Kongsberg Panama Canal simulator

“K-Sim Navigation (Image: Kongsberg Digital)”. Image from Riviera.

Panama Canal Authority’s Centre for Simulation, Research and Maritime Development (SIDMAR) will get an upgrade of the K-sim navigation simulators from Kongsberg Digital. After the upgrade, they will be able to include multiple vessels in training scenarios for more realism. “The centre’s main K-Sim Navigation simulator will be upgraded with new visual image generation, display and projection systems, and an array of new consoles and hardware panels. A new floor projection system will be installed to replicate the port and starboard views from the bridge wings.” Two new bridge simulators will be included and 360 degree visual displays crew to train together on the bridge.

CMHI Shen Lan Tan Shuo Smart Vessel drilling rig

“CMHI's semi-submersible drilling platform Shen Lan Tan Suo - Credit: DNV GL”. Image from Offshore Engineer.

China Merchant Heavy Industry (CMHI) has a new drilling rig, the Shen Lan Tan Suo that is the world’s first offshore unit to get DNV’s Smart vessel certification. A Smart vessel notation “shows that a vessel is utilizing enhancements that improve operations, efficiency, and reduced environmental impacts, DNV explained.” It further demonstrates reliable and safe data collection has been verified by a third party. It was also awarded “D-INF(P) for data-driven verification processes” and EEN for energy efficiency and reduction of harmful emissions.

P&O Topaz Megan PSV

“Topaz Megan is one of three Topaz Daughter-class PSVs that will work in Qatar for at least three years (source: P&O Maritime)”. Image from Riviera.

P&O has secured long-term contracts for three PSVs in April. Topaz Megan, Topaz Isra, and Topaz Sophie in the Al Shaheen Field in Qatar. Al Shaheen is the country’s largest offshore oil field with 33 platforms and more than 300 wells. The vessels are all Topaz Daughter-class PSVs with dynamic positioning class 2 capability.

Floating wind turbine at sea

"Credit: Ocergy." Image from Offshore Engineer.

Chevron Technology Ventures has invested in Ocergy, “a company developing floating offshore wind turbine foundation technology and environmental monitoring buoy.” Ocergy, Inc. has also received investments from Moreld Ocean Wind (MOW), a new floating wind company. This Series A will help fund commercialization of their “OCG-Wind Floating Offshore Wind Turbine (FOWT) technology and OCG-Data environmental monitoring buoy”. Chevron Technology Ventures’ Future Energy Fund made the investment.

Smile, it’s Good News Monday! :-)


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