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Good News Monday - bp turns to GripHero, gas prices rising, Shell’s donations to fight COVID

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Bp has turned to GripHero to help keep their fuel pumps a little safer for users

Image Credit: bp

At 330 locations across the UK, bp has installed hand protection on their fuel nozzles. The protectors are made of highest-tensile HDPE, and reinforced to prevent tears. In addition to bacteria and viruses, they also protect against fuel spillage and other accidents that may occur at the pump. The dispenser is called GripHero and allows users to use the fuel pumps without contaminating their hands:

“Thousands of customers handle our fuel pumps every day. With GripHero, they can retrieve a single piece of recyclable, anti-static hand protection from the nozzle itself before touching the pump. This not only provides an easily accessed safeguard, but also dramatically reduces waste associated with conventional glove dispensers. And in keeping with our low carbon ambition GripHero’s carbon footprint is 75% lower than disposable plastic gloves, driven by efficiencies in the production, packaging, transit and use.”

Image Credit: Houston Chronicle

With the lifting of stay-at-home orders, gasoline climbed nationally for the second straight week to $1.83, up from $1.77. Prices in Houston remain steady at $1.51. Crude oil was trading around $24 a barrel this Monday morning. Prices are still heavily dependent on COVID-19.

Image Credit: Shell

Shell is donating $3 million to the Mercy Corps’ COVID-19 Resilience Fund to help them respond to the COVID-19 epidemic. This will help people in fragile and conflicted areas around the world. The fund will provide needed personal protection equipment (PPE), water, and money for food to people and communities. Allowing Mercy Corps to deploy this money creates more agility in where and how it is spent on the areas of greatest need.

Shell’s total contribution through the pandemic is over $30 million as they continue to look for ways to assist. They are also providing support for more than 70,000 people that may be working from home every day. Reorganizing shifts, social distancing, and health screening procedures are a few of the tools they are using as dramatic shifts wash over the oil industry. Shell also provides confidential counseling services to lessen the psychological impact of the pandemic.

We’ll have more on Shell’s COVID response in upcoming weeks as the oil majors continue to help fight the pandemic.

Here's looking forward to a great week!


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