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Good News Monday! – bp’s staff donates, Shell’s Energy Podcast, Maersk zero-carbon drive

Image Credit: BP

During May, bp Singapore gave out care packages to employees for their work and dedication during the pandemic. Many staff members wanted to give their care packages back to help the community. They raised S$39,500 and “on 16 June, Terry Yuen, bp head of country for Singapore, presented the cheque to Bernard Menon, executive director of the NGO Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC), which champions fair employment practices and the wellbeing of migrant workers in Singapore.”

The Singapore government is tripling the donation. The money will go toward migrant workers’ welfare, especially those stranded in Singapore.

Image Credit: Shell

Shell’s Energy Podcast is getting revived since its dormancy last December 2019. The original focus of the podcast was to have a five part series reducing carbon emissions while meeting global energy demands. The guests explore new technology like hydrogen, carbon capture, and blockchain.

We are mentioning the podcast now because it’s been resurrected with a special episode on COVID-19 and how it’s changing life in China. Find out about life on lock-down in China and how everyone keeps going.

Episode list of The Energy Podcast:

  1. Welcome to The Shell Energy Podcast

  2. Episode 1 - Battery technology: where could it take us?

  3. Episode 2 - Hydrogen: a fuel of the future?

  4. Episode 3 - Carbon capture and storage: a technology to tackle climate change?

  5. Episode 4 - Blockchain: has the hype peaked?

  6. Episode 5 - Why doesn't Shell stop producing oil and gas?

  7. Episode 6 - Trees: one way to tackle climate change?

  8. Episode 7 - Divide or unite: do the generations agree on the future of energy?

  9. Special episode - COVID-19: extraordinary stories from China

You can check out episodes here, they’re only about 20 minutes each.

Image Credit: gCaptain

A.P. Moller-Maersk, the world’s largest container shipper is joining other industry titans to reduce carbon emissions in the shipping industry. They’re setting up a research center in Denmark with the goal of combining knowledge from academia and industry to de-carbonize the industry. Maersk wants to become carbon neutral by 2050.

Shipping covers 80% of global trade and creates about 3% of carbon emissions. The industry as a whole will have ships and fuels zero carbon ready by 2030.

“The move would be funded by Maersk’s majority owner, the A.P. Moller Foundation, which has donated 400 million Danish crowns ($60.36 million) towards building the Copenhagen-based research hub set to initially employ 100 people," Maersk said.

Denmark, where Maersk is headquartered, plans to cut carbon emissions by 70% by 2030. They are home to many companies developing renewable technology. The A.P. Moller Foundation hopes this donation will support solving the climate problems with shipping.

Happy Good News Monday! :)

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