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Good News Monday! 3D printing PPE, BP’s short film, Chevron’s effort to feed frontline workers

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Image Credit: Shell

The doctor above is wearing a full face snorkeling mask turned into an emergency ventilation mask via a 3D printer. While healthcare professionals are still saving lives during this pandemic, they are making do with what they have on hand to keep themselves safe. Fitted with a portable ventilator and air pump that sends a constant outflow of air from the mask, the virus is not able to enter.

Shell has been working with anesthesiologists and universities to get the equipment made and then certified by hospitals. Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam produces the valves on 3D printers. A powerful laser is fuses powdered metal to make instruments in layers only 0.03 millimeters each. Shell says the designs are open-source for anyone to access. In the Netherlands, COVID-19 levels reached their lowest in mid-May.

3D parts are also being used in ventilators, as valves were out of stock. For more information on other parts Shell is making, such as clips, visors, and face shields, check out the original article.

Image Credit: BP

BP just released a video covering some of their focus on giving back during the pandemic, and it’s quite impressive. Just a few of the acts they cover in the video:

  • Donating 2 million dollars to the WHO

  • 3D printing Personal Protection Equipment such as full respirator masks

  • Using the bp supercomputer to help with virus research

  • Free fuel for emergency services and blood runners

The video is around 4 minutes and well worth a watch for a bunch of wonderful stories on this Monday!

Image Credit: Chevron

As restaurants around the world close for business, a small business owner in Atyrau, Kazakhstan wanted to help. They raised money from the community to keep their staff busy and the workers working. They have already provided over 700 meals to healthcare workers with the donations they’ve received.

It’s Good News Monday, have a great week!

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