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Good News for Monday: 10 Feb

Monday mornings sometimes need a little help to get going, so we like to find a couple of light pieces to kick off your week. The round-up of the latest maritime stories:

Maritime Executive reports South Korea is funding a vessel modernization program for its fleet of passenger and cargo ships. "The plan aims to support the construction of 21 passenger vessels and 38 cargo vessels." reported on Shell CTO Yuri Sebregts's comments from the annual meeting of Baker Hughes in Florence last month. "The market—encouraged by the right government policies—will decide which cleaner energy solutions will thrive in the future. Customer choice will drive transformation at scale. Our approach is to provide our customers with a range of cleaner energy products and cleaner power—to give them choice and flexibility."

Maritime Executive also reported WindEurope's latest statistics for wind production in 2019.

"10 new offshore wind farms came online across five countries. The U.K. accounted for nearly half of the new capacity with 1.7GW, followed by Germany (1.1GW), Denmark (374MW) and Belgium (370MW). Portugal installed 8MW of floating offshore wind."

And from OneStep Power's travel desk: After 4 days at the #OSJ2020 Conference in London, our delegates hit the airport for a quick trip to Italy to meet with clients. Sometimes the personal touch is needed, and we are happy to work with our clients to find the time that suits them... especially when it's such a lovely part of the world!

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