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Gone Fishing?

We know we have been pretty quiet for the past couple of months - the days are just flying by over here in Houston. Summer has come to an end though, and we are mere months from 2020.

So what's been happening?

We had the opportunity to perform testing on several vessels over the summer, and we are proud to deliver high quality solutions to the industry.

We have been proof-testing our new ZeroDip device - a high speed switching solution to assist in producing realistic voltage dip ride through voltage responses.

We have demonstrated our technology to a number of potential clients and industry partners. Our testing facility in Houston is conveniently located and it's been great to be able to show people exactly what the Generator Voltage Response Tester and ZeroDip can do. If you haven't been by to see a test, we'd love to host you at the facility and show you around.

The next big event for us is the MTS DP Conference here in Houston, which presents a vital opportunity to provide value to the greater DP community. We really appreciate the MTS putting on the event, and we are looking forward to OneStep Power's President, Mark Craig, presenting the topic "A more effective DP FMEA power system testing regime." We will post highlights and links as they become available.

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