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Fact Friday: Offshore Crisis Response

With our Australian ties weighing heavy on our hearts this month, the theme of “mates helping mates” spreading around the world in response to the crisis is ever more powerful. Stories of Navy vessels delivering beer, interspersed with photo collages of pets and owners in navy cargo holds and offshore support vessels lending a hand have been travelling the airwaves as Aussies celebrate the courage of the onshore and offshore battlers of the worst fire season in Australian history.

Dogs staying safe aboard the HMAS Choules during the Australian Bushfire response. Credit: Storyful/Cassandra Smith

But this fire season in Australia isn’t the only time the offshore industry has supported onshore crisis response efforts. Chad Fuhrmann, Director of Regulatory Affairs for the Offshore Marine Service Association (OMSA) recently presented a Marine-Link Op-Ed directing the industry toward a structured approach to crisis management with naval, merchant and offshore support.

As situations arise, the offshore industry is proud to support and facilitate these responses, and OneStep Power is grateful for the quiet, often unmentioned support of the vessel crews and operations teams who allow these vessels to contribute.

Image Credit: MUA

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