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OSP tests Harvey Energy; Edda Wind CSOV; Offshore robotics; ORE Catapult appoints new Director

It’s Good News Monday!

This Monday we talk about:

  1. OneStep Power Completes Equivalent Integrity Protocol Testing

  2. Edda Wind's New CSOV Launched in Spain

  3. Kongsberg's cNODE Mantis: A Second Set of Eyes For Subsea Installation Tasks

  4. Offshore Methane Detection: BP Invests in UAV Specialist Flylogix

  5. Developments in subsea technologies

  6. ORE Catapult Appoints Jane Stewart as Non-Exec Director

Slide from OneStep Power with Harvey Gulf information

“[By: OneStep Power]” Image from The Maritime Executive.

OneStep Power Solutions is proud to have confirmed Equivalent Integrity Protocol testing for Harvey Energy! Harvey Energy is the first primarily LNG vessel in North America, a platform supply vessel (PSV) that serves deepwater operations in the Gulf of Mexico. OneStep Power was contracted to perform validation testing, coordinating with Harvey Gulf, Wärtsilä, Kongsberg, and DNV.

“New equipment and methods for repeatable over-excitation and over-voltage testing were developed, and traditional power system testing equipment such as the Omicron CPC-100 also put into use. The program was performed in a series of stages, working around vessel and personnel availability.

The testing aboard Harvey Energy clearly demonstrated that even well-commissioned systems can hide potential failure points and benefit from an independent validation protocol.”

“Harvey Gulf’s CEO Shane Guidry commented: ‘OneStep Power was an important partner in this project as we move towards developing the industry’s most sustainable fleet. Their data-driven results and continued support have allowed us to demonstrate that safety and efficiency can be achieved together.’”

Check out the original article over at The Maritime Executive.

Edda Wind CSOV being launched after completion

“©Edda Wind”. Image from MarineLink.

Edda Wind, a Norwegian offshore wind vessel operator, recently launched their Commissioning Service Operation vessel (CSOV) in Spain at the Astilleros Gondan Shipyard. The vessel will be working on the Dogger Bank wind farm in the UK, and is similar to eight other vessels Edda Wind is having built at different locations, to be delivered between now and 2024. All the vessels will be equipped with a hydrogen propulsion system for zero emissions. C490 will be a “mother vessel” for wind turbine technicians with accommodations for 120 people in the CSOVs and 60 on the SOVs. Operations for C490 will start in 2023.

Rendering of an ROV and a camera examining two sides of an underwater substation

“©Kongsberg Maritime”. Image from Offshore Engineer.

Kongsberg Maritime launched cNODE Mantis, an acoustic modem with the ability to stream live video for underwater activities. It acts as a second view on underwater installations, complementing ROVs or divers. The live video can be streamed up to 500 meters to a receiver on the ROV or a vessel and functions in any kind of water and light situations. “With a bit-rate of up to 70 kbit/s, it allows for the transfer of live video with a typical quality of 420 x 380p at four frames per second”.

Flylogix drone on the runway read to take off

“Credit: BP”. Image from Offshore Engineer.

BP Ventures has made a £3 million investment in Flylogix, who works in the offshore oil and gas industry using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for methane detection. Amati Global Investors led the £6 million round. “Flylogix combines its UAV with artificial intelligence, satellite communications and methane sensor technology, from partner SeekOps, to monitor and measure methane in remote locations.” They also hold the world’s longest commercial drone flight and work with BP’s North Sea assets to monitor emissions. BP plans to install methane measurement on all major sites by 2023 to reduce methane intensity by 50%. The aircraft flies autonomously as close as 250 meters to assets streaming live data back to the onshore crew.

Render of Rovco WROV in white and black

“SMD’s EV WROV will interface with Rovco’s AI capabilities (source: Rovco)”. Image from Riviera.

“Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) has signed a letter of intent with intelligent offshore services provider Rovco to jointly develop the next generation of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).” SMD will produce ROVs and use Rovco’s computer vision and AI capabilities in inspections and surveys for salvage and wreck removal. The Atom electric WROV will be provided to Rovco to offer services through its Vaarst spin-off. It can operate in 3 knot currents with a DC power system, and uses a MacArtney electric launch system.

Cyprus Subsea Consulting Services has four underwater AUVs, M1 Seagliders, for long-duration subsea surveys. Subsea Europe Services recently got funding to work on an AUV and uncrewed surface vessels (USVs). Kongsberg continues to work on its Hugin Edge AUV with sonar and 3D sensing as well as its seabed mapping EM 712 multibeam echosounder USV. Blueye introduced its X-3, a 50cm underwater drone and Fugro its Blue Essence USV.

Photo of Jane Stewart

“Jane Stewart - ©ORE Catapult”. Image from Offshore Engineer.

UK green energy research and innovation center Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult appointed a new Non-Executive Director, Jane Stewart. She has a background in industry, the third sector, and private equity, and is a Chartered Accountant. “According to ORE Catapult, Stewart holds a number of Non-Executive positions in high growth companies and Chairs the Circular Economy Investment Fund, supporting Scottish SMEs to fund innovative projects to deliver carbon savings, leverage investment, and create jobs.”

Smile, it’s Good News Monday! :-)


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