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A few words from our President

Last week was jam-packed with both the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) and the Australian United States Innovation and Investment forum (AUSii).

These events hosted some of the latest ideas and technologies that are both being developed and available now. OneStep was very impressed with the technology and solutions that are being brought to bear on long standing problems.

The common threads of increasing reliability and efficiency while reducing costs and risk can be found interwoven in the applications of all these new technology. We at OneStep see great potential for this mind set going into the future and it is the base of our corporate goals.

Some of the interesting things that were seen include:

• The use of Artificial Intelligence in all aspects of the energy industry. From maintenance and pre-fault fault identification of plant and equipment through to optimal distribution and control of energy

• Application of Block Chain technologies in all aspects of business from record keeping through to Business to Business transactions

• An overwhelming increase in alternative energy supplies and applications. What we've seen at these events has OneStep very excited on what the future holds for Energy and how we can help improve the ever growing need for clean reliable energy production and distribution.

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