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Good News Monday: 17th Feb

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Mondays sometimes need a little help to get going, so we try and find a couple of light pieces to kick off your week. The biggest trending news last week was BP's commitment to Net Zero emissions by 2050.

BP's CEO Bernard Looney, committed the oil major to the #energytransition in one of the steps he is taking towards "reinventing BP."

While the pathway remains unclear, the goal is a worthy ambition and we look forward to safe, reliable and responsible solutions being driven by BP and other oil majors in the years to come.

So, in honour of BP's commitment, here's our top 5 ways companies can advocate for safe, zero-emissions operations:

1. What is measured improves: Start monitoring the fuel consumption and power usage of vessels and facilities. Look not just to the in-field assets, but the entire value chain.

2. Test for safety: make sure the big changes are protected by safe solutions. Hybrid vessels, alternative fuels and emission-reducing measures must be implemented safely. We cannot afford for our eagerness to change the big picture to lose sight of everyday safety. OneStep Power's continued commitment to safe power testing will be a vital part of safe, efficient operations in exploration, production, and downstream.

3. Look at the big picture. Make sure the "green" solution isn't causing another problem down the road. Look for solutions now to tomorrow's problems (Li-ion battery disposal being one that springs to mind immediately).

4. Support those companies making the changes. Yes, that's new technology companies, but it's also established companies that are going out on a limb to make the change with only future speculation to justify the expenditure. As an industry, if we want greener solutions and practices, we need to reward the providers of these solutions, even if they are slightly less positive for the bottom line in the short term.

5. Look for incremental improvements. Yes, we need big changes. We need the media-grabbing headlines to ensure we as an industry protect our image and promote a future for our children. But, the small changes add up to big value. The industry isn't positioned to make huge steps in building "zero-emissions" vessels and facilities - we need to look at safe retro-fits, and producing realistic carbon-reducing solutions for existing facilities. We need to support infrastructure for lower emissions solutions and support those new technologies and systems which can guide us to a greener tomorrow.

Congratulations BP on making such a huge commitment, we can't wait to see what the next 30 years bring.

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