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1 Week to MTS' Dynamic Positioning Conference

The key event for the Dynamic Positioning sector will be kicking off on Monday the 14th October with a workshop discussing "Holistic Verification Validation of DP Systems" and continuing on with "SME Practitioner and DPO Competence."

Tuesday and Wednesday of the 3-day long event will feature a range of subject matter presented by industry experts, including Dr. John P. Thomas, MIT, who will be keynoting the event.

OneStep Power are particularly interested in hearing what Dr. Thomas has to say during his "Introduction to STPA" presentation.

Houston is host to the MTS Dynamic Positioning Conference each year.

Mr. Mark Craig of OneStep Power will also be speaking at the Tuesday session, discussing "A more effective DP FMEA power system testing regime." We are excited to share Mark's insights and experiences with the industry and are looking forward to seeing many of our industry colleagues at the event.

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