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OSJ Innovation Award Shortlisting

OneStep Power started 2019 with some great news as we were informed this week of our Generator Voltage Response Tester being included on the shortlist for OSJ's 2019 Innovation Award!

We temporarily install our GVRT on each generator in the system, and through our software and hardware we can control the system to perform testing. This means we test safely, reliably and we can repeat the outcome every time.

  • Fast, Repeatable, Reliable.

  • Safe testing of system response.

  • Reduced risk - Testing without modifying system's settings.

  • The first testing system of its kind!

The award will be presented at the Offshore Support Journal Conference, Awards & Exhibition in February. Being in the same award category as Rolls Royce and MacGregor is an honor, and is a really exciting endorsement of the value we are adding to the offshore industry.

OneStep Power is a very small team and we are competing against some very well established leaders in the industry, so every vote will help: Head to to cast your vote. (Hint: vote for OneStep! We are the second one on the page)

OneStep Power is a remote and offshore power system testing company. Our patented Generator Voltage Response Tester (GVRT) allows for all excitation based testing, without the need to change protection system settings, in a controlled, repeatable manner.

Click here to download our info pack.

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