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Good News Monday - April 20th

WTI prices may have gone negative, but there’s still plenty of good news. Oil & Gas companies around the world are helping fight COVID-19! From floating accommodations to supply chains and funding, there’s plenty of positive news this week.

Bibby Marine

Image Credit: Bibby Maritime

Bibby is providing floating accommodations to foreign workers in Singapore to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The home on the water hopes to reduce travel and contact, thus reducing the spread of the virus. The two floating ships have traditionally spent a lot of time housing Offshore Construction and Shipyard workers.

Baker Hughes

Image Credit: TX/RX Labs

Baker Hughes is joining the fight by reprogramming their 3D printers to make protective gear for healthcare workers. While tens of thousands of Baker Hughes employees are working from home, the 3D printers can make parts such as face shield brackets, almost 24 hours a day.

A.P. Moller Group - Maersk

Image Credit:

Maersk and its parent company, A.P. Moller Group, are also helping. The Maersk Bridge is a supply chain to deliver personal protection equipment, known as PPE to health care professionals in Denmark. So far three shipments have been delivered between April 8 and 13.


Chevron is keeping the giving going during the pandemic by launching social investment initiatives to support communities around the world.

These are a few of the projects on which they are working, directly from Chevron:

  • "We are contributing to the DonorsChoose program “Keep Kids Learning” with a $500,000 grant. Chevron’s contribution to DonorsChoose aligns with our deeply rooted commitment to education and will help provide teachers in highest-need schools with grants to purchase essential remote learning supplies.

  • Outside the U.S, we are working with global partners on a variety of initiatives, such as helping to fund emergency services in remote parts of Western Australia and providing medical supplies to hospitals in Thailand.

  • Our global commitments total $7 million to date.

  • In the U.S. alone, we have donated more than $2 million to local relief efforts in several states, and we have committed an additional $2 million to match 2:1 employee contributions to U.S.-based nonprofits."

Thank you to these companies and all the other members of our great industry for stepping up and supporting how we can. And as always, #thankyouseafarers for keeping the food and necessities moving - we are so grateful.

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