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OneStep Power’s technologies provides clients robust and economical vessel power system testing. Our diverse and experienced team of technical professionals can also provide a wide range of technical support for complex marine power & electrical systems.

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Validation / Testing

Development & Review

OneStep Power can assist in the development and review of power system documentation and testing programs. This includes field support for annual dynamic position and special periodic survey testing. With OneStep Power Solutions engineers you can be assured of:

  • Comprehensive testing programs

  • Safe tests

  • Class and Regulatory Compliance

We can work with FMEA providers, shipyards and clients to develop “Robust, Repeatable & Reliable” power system testing programs.

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Closed Bus

Equivalent Integrity

For vessel owners looking to demonstrate equivalent integrity, OneStep Power supports a holistic approach to safe closed bus operations. Our engineers can develop and review the equivalent integrity case and associated design and testing protocols to ensure a compliant and safe closed bus operation.

Post-failure  Solutions

Experience matters when incidents occur. OneStep Power engineers have the knowledge and experience to identify incident causes and provide options to eliminate future incidents in complex power systems:

  • Fault tracing and root cause

  • Sensible and safe rectification solutions

Software & PLC


& support  

As a result of our in-house technical capabilities, OneStep Power has expertise in a wide range of software and PLC languages. Our teams can be used remotely or on-site as necessary.

Project commissioning

& Reactivation

OneStep Power’s project support team includes engineers and technical professionals from a variety of disciplines, including power, controls, mechanical, maritime compliance, drilling and subsea.

Our project personnel have experience in locations globally and can be rapidly mobilised for long and short term projects.

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